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Your Guide To Body Types

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 by

When it comes to body types, everybody is different and we should all celebrate our individuality. But when it comes to knowing the facts, we are often bombarded with lots of unnecessary information. Most people often fit within five categories of body types, each with their own unique benefits! Take a look at the facts

Spread The Love

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 by

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and when we’re not showering our partners with chocolates and flowers, we should be showing ourselves a little love. Being body confident is important in living a healthy life, so why not make sure we’re giving our beautiful bodies and minds that all important TLC. If you’re not


The Myths of Cosmetic Surgery, Busted!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 by

Undergoing surgery is a big process, and an even bigger decision to begin with. There are a lot of negative stories, misconceptions, and myths targeted at cosmetic surgery, but it is time to set the record straight! Don’t let anything delay you from feeling more confident and happy! Here are all the myths you’ve heard

cosmetic injections

The fears around cosmetic injections surface from the countless celebrity mishaps and the simply unappealing sound of the word “Botox”, but the more educated you are, the more interested you’ll become. Here’s everything you need to know, to set the record straight about cosmetic injections; What are cosmetic injections? Cosmetic injections are compounds that, when