Laser Liposuction

Liposuction in general is the process of vacuuming fat out of the body. It’s used to improve skin contours, tone problem areas and generally give a tighter, slimmer figure. It’s important to note that liposuction can’t help you shed large amounts of weight, and is instead focused on specific body parts that aren’t responding to exercise or inherently tend to store disproportionate amounts of fat.

Laser Liposuction with Dr. Shaz

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The surgical process is fairly straightforward. A small incision is made, a tube is inserted and the unwanted fat is sucked out through the tube. The real challenges, however, lie between inserting the tube and removing the fat. Traditional liposuction would break up and eliminate the fat through sheer brute force. While this definitely works, it’s not ideal in terms of comfort, finesse or getting the best results. Laser liposuction, however, uses specialised laser energy in lieu of brute force to achieve much better effects in every way.

The Difference Laser Power Makes

Laser liposuction uses laser power instead of the brute force that traditional liposuction employs:

  • Rather than getting drilled apart, the fat is melted with a laser. This means it actually flows out of the body easily and without needing excessive force. It’s like the difference between trying to suck gravel through a straw and running water through a good hose.
  • The super-easy breakdown and removal of adipose tissue means your surgeon can use a much smaller suction tube. This in turn means smaller incisions, less scarring and quicker recovery times.
  • The smaller cannula and gentler action means the entire operation can be done with local rather than general anaesthetic. This makes the procedure safer, while enabling people with medical conditions or allergies that prevent the use of general anaesthetic to enjoy the benefits of lipoplasties.
  • The laser’s heat naturally closes blood vessels and tightens collagen. Liposuction lasers run at temperatures of 48 to 50°C. This is hot enough to bring these unique advantages, but not so hot as to cause burns or heat pain that can be felt through local anaesthetic.
  • The smoothness and consistency of the laser is a big help to your surgeon. The fatty areas are never consistent or uniform. Instead, they’re integrated parts of the body with their own arrangements of blood vessels and connective tissues. With traditional liposuction, surgeons have no choice but to try to avoid or simply plough through these tough spots. Either way, it leads to a less than ideal outcome. Laser liposuction moves smoothly and easily through all fatty areas, making for gentler surgery and more consistently great results.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Laser Liposuction?

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get laser liposuction with every cosmetic surgeon. This is because laser liposuction is relatively new, and represents such a complete overhaul of the old way that a lot of the instruments, peripherals and other tools used in traditional liposuctions can’t be used in laser operations. The main reason most people haven’t upgraded is because such complete equipment overhauls are cost prohibitive. At Australia Cosmetic Clinics, however, we take pride in having all the latest and greatest equipment and methods. As such we invest heavily in technology upgrades, as well as research and development. You know you’re getting the best treatments with us.

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