Keller Funnel Implant Delivery System

The advanced Keller Funnel implant delivery system is an innovative new way of placing implants inside the body

What It Is:

The advanced Keller Funnel implant delivery system is an innovative new way of placing implants inside the body. It’s outstandingly good at breast augmentation implants, but has successfully revolutionised all silicone augmentation procedures. The Keller Funnel is basically a high-tech tube that channels silicone implants straight to their most natural position. Before its advent, standard practice was to place implants by hand. This limited the level of accuracy with which they could be inserted, and restricted the ability of surgeons to put implants in their ideal location. Rather than forcing implants into place, it’s possible to naturally slide them in.

What Makes It Better:

The Keller Tunnel’s clear polymeric surface makes for considerably easier orientation and visualisation of implants. This alone makes an enormous difference. Any surgeon will tell you that their job would be a lot easier if they had transparent hands, allowing them a clear view of what they’re working on while they’re doing it. The Keller Funnel offers unrestricted visibility the entire time, ensuring better implant placement and a better-looking result.

It’s also treated with an exceptionally slick hydrophilic coating that provides a low-friction interface for all smooth, textured, shaped and anatomic implants. This minimises the possibility of pre-insertion implant damage across a wide variety of operations, meaning you’ll always be getting the best.

But best of all is the touch-free Keller Funnel functionality. It smoothly slides silicone implants into position without the stresses of active manual placement, meaning generally faster recovery times, less scarring and an overall less painful and stressful experience for your body. It’s a superior way of placing implants and all augmentation procedures can benefit from it.

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