Is Breast Revision Surgery for me?

Has your perfect pair shifted or changed shape overtime causing you discomfort and leaving you with undesired looking breasts?  Gradually, silicone or saline implants may alter in shape or size as well as the overlying breast tissue. Breast revision surgery can offer both immediate and long-term benefits that will address a wide range of your concerns.

Here’s why most women would consider replacing or removing their breast implants:

1. Wanting to change size

Often, patients who are unhappy with the size or shape of their implants will undergo revision surgery to decrease or increase the size. This simply involves replacing the old implants with new ones.

2. Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a common complication of breast augmentation which involves the formation of scar tissue around your implant. The tissue can harden and start to contract on the implant, causing discomfort and the implant to lift up on the chest wall. Breast revision surgery involves removing the implant and scar tissue, and replacing it with a new implant of the same or revised size.

3. Deflation of Saline Implant

Although extremely rare, saline implants can rupture and deflate due to a tear in the implant shell. This can cause the saline to leak out and be harmlessly absorbed. While this does not pose any health risks, we recommend a revision surgery to prevent an uneven or imbalanced look.

4. Rupture of Silicone Implant

Unlike saline implants, the rupture of silicone implants should be treated immediately. The spread of silicone in the body can be harmful. However, this is more common amongst older implants as the new generation of silicone implants have lower rupture rates.

5. Asymmetry/Sagging

Finally, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss may cause your breasts to sag or alter in shape. Replacing your implants will help return your breasts to their original or revised shape that is better suited to your body changes.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to replace or remove your implants, breast revision surgery is considerably less invasive than a breast augmentation. The surgery usually only takes an hour to complete under general anaesthesia.

As with any surgery, breast revision surgery has risks which your ACC surgeon will explain during your consultation. The best way to minimise these risks and attain great results is choosing a trusted surgeon that understands your vision. Your ACC surgeon will address any concerns you may have during the initial consultation. From here, they will assess your current implants and decide on a treatment personalised to you. The recovery of breast revision surgery is considerably short, lasting only 1-2 weeks.

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