Breast Surgery


Breast Augmentation (Round Implants)


Breast Augmentation (Teardrop Implants)


Breast Augmentation & Lift (Augmentation-Mastopexy)


Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)


Breast Reimplantation

All prices include Surgeons Fee, Anesthetic Fee, Theater Cost & Post-Surgery follow-up.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All Surgeries in December will incur additional charges.
  2. Anaesthetic & Facility Fee’s will apply if less than 4 areas of Liposuction are being performed.
  3. No refund policies are in place for unexpected cancellations of surgeries on the day due to medical reasons. Subsequent procedure will not be charged except for anaesthetic and facility fee.
  4. The satisfaction with liposuction results can only be assessed if the patient is at same weight as at the initial surgery date.for example: if the patient weighs 75kg at the day of surgery and returns for an assessment dissatisfied with the results after putting on weight then it is an inaccurate assessment of the procedural results. Patients will need to lose the excess weight to be on the initial weight at the time of surgery ie: 75kg in order for an appropriate and accurate assessment of the results.
  5. All inclusive: Surgeon fees, Anaesthetic costs, Theater costs, Implant costs (up to 700cc size implants) – for Breast Augmentation Only.
  6. Additional fees may apply for implants greater than 700 cc.
  7. Breast Augmentation price doesn't cover correction for Tubular Breasts.
  8. A facility fee is applicable to all procedures and the cost depends upon the particular facility used.
  9. Price valid for Breast Augmentations that do not involve correction of Breast Ptosis, Constricted Breast, Breast Asymmetry, Re-implantation or Crescent Lifts.
  10. Operations performed outside of Australia Cosmetic Clinics’ facilities may attract additional hospital charges.
  11. All surgeries are subject to medical approval.
  12. Surgery Deposit is not refundable.
  13. Final payments must be made 21 days prior to the surgical date. Surgery may be cancelled if payment is not settled prior to 21 days.
  14. All prices are inclusive GST.
  15. Procedure dates are subject to availability.
  16. Anti-wrinkle 2 areas refer to as two Crows feet areas = 2 areas – Forehead and Glabella regions=2 areas – Only for full fee paying clients
  17. Vectra Available to Sydney Clients Only
  18. Additional charges apply for tear drop (anatomical), polyurethane and microtextured Breast implants, up to $2000.
  19. For all-day surgery procedures requiring more than 3 hours stay immediate post-op due to medical conditions, commorbidities and recovery may incur additional charges. These fees will not be covered by Australia Cosmetic Clinics and will be charged to the patient.
  20. If a procedure is abandoned due to medical complications then additional anesthetic and hospital fees will apply for the send procedure.
  21. Any procedure that is cancelled due to undisclosed medical conditions or harmful personal habits (Example: drug use) will be non-refundable.
  22. Consultation fee is non-refundable