About Us

At Australia Cosmetic Clinics, we specialise in breast augmentation (breast implants), tummy tucks, buttock augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, facelifts, eyelid surgery and more.

Our approach

At Australian Cosmetic Clinics, we offer you the best innovations in cosmetic surgery procedures, with extremely experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons and outstandingly high rates of patient satisfaction.

We have successfully performed tens of thousands of treatments in our cosmetic clinics in Sydney, and continue to adopt the latest technologies and techniques in all of our procedures.

Enhancing and Improving Your Appearance and Confidence

We understand that body image is a powerful thing. Our feelings when we look in the mirror are a personal experience that can have a profound impact on our daily lives and self-perception.

Our practice reflects this understanding by helping men and women achieve their own individual vision of beauty, with fully proportionate and natural looking results for the face and body.

A Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

The team at Australia Cosmetic Clinics pride themselves on a holistic approach to cosmetic surgery. We focus on improving the external body while ensuring that our patients are in good mental health and have realistic expectations about the procedure.

Our friendly team of cosmetic and plastic surgeons and expert registered nurses are committed to quality and safety in every aspect of the customised treatment program we provide to our patients.

Our Mission Statement

Unparalleled standard of care before, during and after your surgery to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your journey with us

You wouldn’t build your home with cheap or unsafe construction materials. Nor would you place uncertified parts in your car or use unapproved medication just to save money. Doing so unnecessarily put you at severe risk.

So why are people willing to have cosmetic surgery performed with unsafe materials and by unqualified practitioners? It makes no sense, but unfortunately this practice is relatively common. The lure of saving money can have terrible results that leave patients in pain, deformed and at risk for future complications. It’s vital to remember that not all surgeons are entirely qualified and experienced, not all products and materials are made equal, and that you should immediately be suspicious of any ‘bargain’ procedures.

Our team has taken steps to protect Australians and prevent them from suffering the associated risks of getting cheap cosmetic surgery overseas. Correcting the physical damage from a botched procedure could end up costing a patient three times what they originally paid for the surgery. To ensure that no one feels the need to resort to traveling overseas to get the cosmetic surgery they desire, we’ve created cosmetic surgery packages that are similarly priced to overseas packages, but the procedures are performed by top Australian qualified surgeons at accredited hospitals and health facilities in Australia. By making cosmetic surgery financially accessible to everyone, especially younger patients, we hope to eliminate any need for patients to put their bodies at risk by going overseas.

Quality Policy

ACC is the leading provider of affordable and accessible cosmetic surgical services, with the highest standards of medical and support care. Patient comfort, safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to cosmetic enhancements with a focus on personalised care.There is an organisation-wide quality management system in place with a focus on continuous quality improvement and compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards.

This quality policy and associated strategic quality objectives are reviewed annually through the management review process to assess their effectiveness and continuing suitability.


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A Unique Practice with a Unique Approach

  • Our Team – Meet our team of experienced and dedicated cosmetic surgeons ready to provide you with a tailor-made treatment program that will refresh your look and give you back your self-confidence.
  • Cosmetic Surgery Packages – Discover just how affordable cosmetic surgery in Australia can be with our specially designed cosmetic surgery packages that will keep you safe and provide you with excellent results.
  • Travel Packages – We have designed a collection of comprehensive cosmetic surgery packages for our patients coming from outside of Sydney. Relax and recover in total luxury after your procedure.
  • Case Studies – See before and after photos and explore the results experienced by some of our recent patients that have undergone laser liposuction, abdominal etching, and breast augmentation as well as tummy tucks and breast lifts.
  • Innovations – Discover the advanced technology deployed at Australia Cosmetic Clinics to ensure you’ll always be getting the best treatment possible.