Non-Surgical Treatments

Our surgeons do more than just surgery. As one of Australia’s most advanced cosmetic clinics, we have access to an extraordinarily wide range of non-surgical medical treatment options.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Dermal Filling

Dermal fillers are targeted injections that fill in gaps to reduce wrinkles, eliminate acne scars, and smooth out particular locations. Its popularity is mostly down to it being a supremely quick and easy process. The only side effects are a small amount of swelling that disappears in no longer than a few days - sometimes in only a few hours - and minor skin sensitivity or itchiness. Almost all dermal filling patients are back to their normal routine the very next day and the exceptional effects can last for a full year.

  • Swelling depends on the precise areas treated, but will generally be completely invisible within a couple of days.
  • With localised anaesthetic, it’s a completely pain-free operation. However, there might still be some discomfort.
  • There are a variety of dermal filling substances available, and most are completely free of allergens, animal proteins and chemicals. This means there will always be a 100% safe filling available for you.
  • Always achieves overall good results and usually lasts for a full year, but can be safely coupled with other procedures to get more pronounced or longer-lasting effects.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatments


Dermal filling gets rid of wrinkles by filling them in, but these eliminate wrinkles by tightening and elasticising the skin around them. Other than this, they’re very similar. Both are quick and easy injectable treatments that get clear and nearly instantaneous results.

  • Provides more general and less-targeted anti-wrinkling action than dermal fillers.
  • Only side effects are tenderness and slight bruising for a couple of days afterwards.
  • Lasts 3-6 months by itself, or over a year in combination with dermal filling.
  • In more than half of all patients, the effect starts lasting longer and longer with each treatment, making it a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a non-invasive way of maintaining a bright, alert and wrinkle-free look as they get older.

Hyperhidrosis Cures


Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Depending on genetics, everyone tends to sweat a different amount. Sometimes it can be so severe that it starts interfering with daily life. For instance, someone with palmar hyperhidrosis might find their palms soaked in sweat every time they need to use a pen or shake hands, to the extent that these simple things become nearly impossible. Similarly, someone with underarm hyperhidrosis could be generating so much sweat that deodorants are overwhelmed and every shirt is soaked by mid-morning each day. It’s a simple thing, but the excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis can ruin lives. If this sounds familiar, ask us about the treatment.

  • Comes as a simple, quick and pain-free injection.
  • 5% of patients have a clear reduction in sweating within a week of getting the treatment.
  • The first treatment lasts for 7.5 months on average, but remains fully effective after over a year in 30% of cases. Because the duration varies so much, it’s best done as needed. When your hyperhidrosis symptoms start to return, just go back for a booster shot.
  • No dangerous side effects. If they do occur, side effects are temporary and mild. The most common include hot flushes, slight pain at the injection site and a perceived increase in sweating elsewhere.


What will injectable fillers do?


Injectable fillers will improve visible signs of ageing by improving wrinkles and lines, and restoring the volume that is lost with ageing, smoking and sun exposure. Common uses for injectable fillers are to plump thin lips, soften facial creases and wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines, improve contour depressions and restore volume to cheeks, and to improve the appearance of indented scars. There are many types of injectable fillers available, including both temporary and permanent, as well as the option of using your own fat (see fat injection) and you should discuss your options with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Temporary fillers are much safer than permanent fillers, lasting from a few months to about a year, and temporary fillers are quick procedures that give immediate improvement to your area of concern.

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