Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that uses laser energy to treat areas of excess fat and improve contours. Laser liposuction is also called laser-guided liposuction, laser lipo, Smartlipo, and laser-assisted lipolysis.

What It Is?

Laser liposuction is one of the newer upgrades to traditional liposuction technologies. Rather than breaking up fatty deposits with brute rotational force and pulling it out of the body with suction, like the older methods, laser lipolysis naturally ruptures and melts away fat cells with a small but specially calibrated laser, before letting it drain away with minimal exertion. The advanced nature of laser technology and peripheral upgrades needed to use it effectively make it very expensive to own and operate, so the vast majority of plastic surgeons don’t bother. At Australian Cosmetic Clinics, however, your comfort, safety and satisfaction will always be our number one priority and we’re happy to offer laser liposuction wherever possible at no extra cost.

What Makes It Better

Laser liposuction brings a number of clear and outstanding benefits when compared to traditional methods. Firstly, the laser action is substantially gentler than the rotating needles of older liposuction technology. This makes it a much less painful process with far quicker recovery times.

Secondly, laser lipoplasty uses a far smaller cannula (fat-intake tube). This is because it only has to take in easily-flowing liquefied fatty tissue, and not the large chunks that older systems have to deal with. This makes for smaller incisions and less scarring while further improving recovery times.

Thirdly, because it actively melts and liquefies body fat rather than just hammering it apart, laser liposuction allows surgeons a greater deal of control and accuracy than traditional methods, leading to overall benefits in terms of quality and satisfaction.

And last but not least, the heat from the laser itself brings benefits that traditional liposuction simply can’t match. Namely, it closes blood vessels in the area almost instantly, leading to enormously reduced bleeding and bruising, and also has an additional collagen-tightening effect that limits the need for lengthy incisions and active skin treatments. It’s possible to achieve these effects with laser temperatures of just 48 to 50°C. This is high enough to get great results, but too low to cause burn damage or heat pain while under the effects of local anaesthetic.

The downside is that laser liposuction isn’t suitable for all body areas or fat-reduction operations, particularly in transplant situations when the adipose tissue that’s getting removed will be implanted elsewhere. Sometimes it will be necessary to undergo non-laser lipolysis treatments, but fortunately that doesn’t mean you have to return to traditional liposuction. At Australia Cosmetic Clinics, we have other top of the line options available.

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