MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Selected liposuction surgery are performed by Power – Assisted – Lipoplasty (PAL) using the most modern medical equipment Micro – Aire, imported from the United States.

What It Is:

This proprietary liposuction system doesn’t use a laser, meaning it can still be used in grafting/transplant operations or other situations that prohibit the use of laser lipolysis. It’s broadly similar to traditional liposuction systems in function, but has a wide variety of advanced features that put it in a league of its own. It’s particularly, ground-breakingly good at withdrawing adipose tissue for grafting and transplants.

What Makes It Better:

The primary advantage of PAL is that its cannula, the needle-like tube that breaks up and vacuums fat, gets its power from a series of lightning fast microvibrations rather than the simple rotation employed by traditional systems. Working in 2mm arcs at 4000 cycles a minute, it moves through adipose tissue far more easily, and naturally follows the path of least resistance. This means your surgeon has a significantly greater deal of control and ease-of-use, and can intuitively avoid fibrous areas and connective tissue resulting in far less swelling, discomfort and recovery time than other methods.

An incredibly small cannula, usually only 1.8 millimetres in diameter, means smaller incisions, further reducing the extent of scarring and bruising in the postoperative phase. And it’s no accident that 1.8mm is the standard size. Firstly, fatty tissue is granular when broken down. For transplant purposes, you need consistent, small grain sizes and 1.8mm is the perfect diameter for it. PAL lets adipose tissue implants heal more quickly and consistently. Secondly, it’s important that the 1.8mm cannula opening is smaller than the 2mm cannula vibrations. This lets the instrument completely remove all fat grain by grain. Larger sizes, like those found in traditional liposuction offered elsewhere, are not only painful and inefficient, but will always leave behind partially detached fat particles that can cause unnecessary scarring and uneven skin contours.

MicroAire PAL systems are worlds ahead of anything else when it comes to transplants. But on the whole they’re also all-around safer, more comfortable and achieve better results than traditional liposuctioning. At Australia Cosmetic Clinics we believe that traditional liposuction procedures are unnecessarily painful and ineffective, and therefore do not offer them except in the extremely rare cases where medical conditions or health issues mean there is simply no other option. Instead we will perform all lipoplasties and adipose tissue transplants with the latest and most advanced laser liposuctioning or PAL technologies.
When comparing old and new liposuction systems, there is a vast difference in the quality, functioning and outcomes of every operation. Always check to see what type of liposuctioning system is being used at a clinic before committing to surgery. If it’s outdated, you will be faced with a needlessly painful, poor-quality or potentially dangerous operation.

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