3D imaging, the future is here!

Imagine if you could see your results before surgery… with Australia Cosmetic Clinics VECTRA 3D Imaging, you can!

Considering surgery, but finding it hard to commit?
Utilising the newest technology, the VECTRA 3D Imaging and Simulation System can now generate an accurate representation of your post-surgery outcome, allowing you to visualise your results before you book your surgery! This groundbreaking 3D imaging technology allows you and your doctor to examine the possible outcomes for your unique body type, enabling you to make informed decisions about your procedure results.

So what is the VECTRA 3D Imaging and Simulation System?
Quite simply, it is a three- dimensional technology that uses ultra-high resolution colour imaging to analyse the body. The machine will first take a series of photographs from several angles, and then combine them to form the most accurate portrayal of your body. With this three-dimensional image, your doctor can apply alterations; such as size or shape to the locations you so desire. Note: that the 3D simulation is not able to produce a 100% accurate representation, as the final result will always depend on independent factors such as; the individual patient, the surgeon and your recovery. Nonetheless, VECTRA 3D Imaging makes it possible for both parties to visualise and understand the possible outcomes of a procedure before surgery takes place, helping to eliminate the risk of future disappointment or the need for additional operations.

To find out more about this incredible machine, or to book your VECTRA 3D session, contact Australia Cosmetic Clinics on 1300 559 848 or submit an enquiry here.

Watch the short video below, for further insight into the amazing nature of the VECTRA 3D Imaging System.

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