How to Maximise Your Recovery Time After a Facelift

A facelift surgery is an exciting step in learning to love the skin you’re in. Whether the surgery is a choice or a requirement, it is a big deal. After any procedure, it is important that you allow yourself the time to rest, recover, and recoup. This allows any side effects or discomfort to subside, and will give you the best results.

Here’s what you can expect to experience during your recovery period and what you can do to make the most of this time;

Rest, but don’t stop moving

Resting is a crucial part of recovering from any procedure, however it is important that you maintain a light exercise regime to enable the healing process to be carried out effectively. Walking around the house, light cleaning, or playing with pets are great ways to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness. Staying active also helps increase your energy levels, combating any medications you receive that stimulate drowsiness. Avoid increasing your exercise load for approximately 3-4 weeks post-op.

Take Your Prescribed Medication

After your operation you will be issued prescription medication to alleviate any discomfort or pain. This medication has been chosen to aid your recovery and will either be taken orally or applied as directed by your surgeon. Be sure to ask your surgeon about the correct dosage and discuss any concerns before undergoing the operation.

Take advantage of the full recovery time

Every patient is different, meaning your recovery time may be different to others who have undergone a similar procedure. Standard Mid facelifts typically take approximately 10 days to recover from, while Endoscopic facelifts only take 2-3. Thread and Mini facelifts are smaller procedures only requiring 1-2 days. Before continuing any strenuous exercise or heading out to socialise with friends, be sure to put your health first and get that all needed TLC.

Don’t expect to see the results the next day

For the first few days post-op, your results won’t be immediately obvious. For the first 24 hours, you can expect to use a bandage to reduce swelling as bruising begins to show through. Expecting results too early on can often have negative effects on our self-esteem, leaving us to feel unhappy and unmotivated, meaning it is important that we are prepared for what to expect. This is a process of loving yourself, so sit back and put your feet up.

The recovery process can be long and challenging but the reward is worth it.

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