Patient Newsletter – February 2017


Our Post-Operative Medication Information Handout was recently updated with input from staff and patients to provide clearer information on the medications that may be required after surgery.
Seven patients, who had recently had procedures were asked to review this handout and all reported that it was easy to understand with no suggestions for improvement required.
If you have any suggestions for improving any information we give you please let us know at


A new Cleaning Company was engaged earlier this month to ensure the highest standards of cleaning are maintained. This company has extensive experience in the hospital industry with all staff being fully trained. They operate with detailed cleaning schedules and supervisors conduct regular compliance audits to ensure the highest standard is being maintained.
All staff complete annual hand hygiene education and an observation audit is currently being completed to monitor the compliance of our doctors and nurses.


“Good service, quick surgery, Doctor Shaz was great, honest and realistic to me.” M.N.
“My whole experience was effortless. Dr Shaz & staff was just so supportive and amazing“” JD


We have developed plans for the renovation of our theatre and sterilization rooms to enable us to achieve a NSW Health License. We expect that the renovation will be completed next month.
This will enable us to provide a much greater range of procedures onsite under a range of anesthetic types (including general).


In order to maintain a centre of excellence we are seeking accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the ISO9001 Standard.
Our accreditation audit is on Monday 20th February. On this day two external auditors will be onsite to conduct a thorough review of all clinical and non-clinical processes against these standards.

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