The Myths of Cosmetic Surgery, Busted!

Undergoing surgery is a big process, and an even bigger decision to begin with. There are a lot of negative stories, misconceptions, and myths targeted at cosmetic surgery, but it is time to set the record straight!

Don’t let anything delay you from feeling more confident and happy! Here are all the myths you’ve heard about cosmetic surgery, busted!

Only Women Should Get Plastic Surgery

Men currently stand for about 20% of all patients that undergo cosmetic surgery, and that number is growing! The need to feel confident and happy with the way you look isn’t just a feminine issue, and men often feel the need to look their best in a competitive setting, whether it’s romantically, or in the workplace.

You’re Vain if you Get Cosmetic Surgery

People choose cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to improve body image and self-confidence, for medical reasons, or even for pain management. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a procedure done, and as cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular, there is far less stigma surrounding it.

Recovery Time is Too Long

Whilst all cosmetic surgery requires recovery time, the length is dependent on the type of surgery (minor or major). Minor surgeries only take a few days to recover from, and major surgeries will only take a few weeks, maximum. For instance, the recovery time for the average breast augmentation is only about four to seven days, then the client may return to work and other activities.

Cosmetic Surgery is Dangerous

There are potential risks and complications with any type of surgery, but the chances are extremely low, when your surgery is completed by a medical professional and when you are highly informed about the surgery. This includes what you should and shouldn’t do during and after the surgery; your highly qualified Australia Cosmetic Clinics surgeon will inform you of the specifics during your consultations.

You Have to Be Rich

Studies have found that the majority of clients who undergo cosmetic surgery are from the middle class. Minor surgery is obviously cheaper than major, and there are many options for paying for surgery such as finance options & payment plans.

The process and results of cosmetic surgery are exciting to think about. Embrace the positive realities and ignore the myths!

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