Your Guide To Body Types

When it comes to body types, everybody is different and we should all celebrate our individuality. But when it comes to knowing the facts, we are often bombarded with lots of unnecessary information. Most people often fit within five categories of body types, each with their own unique benefits! Take a look at the facts below to figure out which body type you are and how you can dress to impress, giving you the confidence you deserve.

– Your chest/bust is larger than your hips
– Your waist is less defined
– You have leaner legs (lower) and arms
– You gain weight around the waist more than other areas

Having an apple body shape means you’re wardrobe is best suited to clothing that highlights your bust and draws in loosely at the waist to give you more definition. Because you have a bigger bust, you will need a properly fitted bra. When choosing tops, v-necks and loose fitting shirts that sit just below your hip bone often give you the shape you’re after. When choosing pants or skirts, we suggest wearing items with zippers on the side to avoid adding extra volume around the front.

Jennifer hudson, Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks are some of our favourite celebrities rocking the apple shape every day.

– Your hips are larger than your bust
– You have a smaller waist
– You have slim arms and shoulders
– You gain weight in your legs, hips and thighs before other areas of your body.

Having a pear body shape means your wardrobe is best suited to clothing that highlights your waist. Fitted shirts or clothes with a waist tie often compliment your body shape. When it comes to choosing pants or skirts, look for clothing that will direct attention to your waist. Skirts that flow out from the hips or straight pants that fall straight from the hips.

Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez all celebrate the pear shape!

– Your body weight sits mostly in your hips and bust
– You have a smaller waist
– Your lower hips are wide and your thighs are full but narrower
– Your hips and shoulders are approximately the same width

Your body shape is best suited to form-hugging shirts. This may be in the form of wraps, tube tops, knit tops or belts that accentuate the waist. Your shoulders are gentle and well-rounded so vouching for singlets or boat-neck shirts will show them off. High-waisted bottoms of any length will show off your defined legs and curved hips.

Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe and Shakira are known for their hourglass figures!

– Your hips, waistline and shoulders are around the same width
– You have an athletic build and no defined waist
– Your body weight sits evenly in all areas of your body
– Your bust and buttocks are smaller or average

Your body shape is common in many models and most clothes will suit you well. You will often want to create curves by defining the waist with wrap shirts or shirts with a waist tie. We also suggest investing in padded bras or jackets with small shoulder pads.  Your body shape will also allow you to pull off the straight look. Wearing straight dresses will compliment you, giving you a petite appearance. You can wear almost any type of bottom, however pants with flared bottoms will give you more shape!

Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are our rectangle celeb favourites.

Inverted Triangle
– You have broad shoulders
– You may have a bigger chest and upper back
– You have slimmer legs, thighs, and buttox

This body shape is another common body shape in the modelling industry. Open necklines (v-necks and halter necks) will often give the appearance of a smaller upper body. Wearing clothing that will accentuate the waist and create the appearance that your bust and hips are balanced will give you a curvier look. Wearing vertical line patterns on your shirts will create the appearance of evenness between your upper and lower body. Wider clothing and A-line skirts will also help to achieve a curvier look.

Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus are our inverted triangle celeb picks!

Whatever your body shape, we all have reasons to celebrate. Keeping a healthy attitude towards your body by eating well and exercising will ensure a positive body image and healthy attitude to life. In many cases, our wonderful bodies can be enhanced by cosmetic procedures.

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